There are currently 15 million magstripe devices in the US, and retailers are highly incented to replace them with Chip and PIN technology by October 2015 because the liability risks of failing to comply with the deadline are potentially disastrous.  By meeting the deadline, retailer’s financial liability is limited and they will be able to offer more secure transactions to their customers, the card-issuing banks, and the credit card industry.
The key to meeting the deadline is to prepare early - especially for retailers with hundreds or thousands of locations.  Please join technology deployment expert James Wedeking, Randstad Technologies Director of Solutions, as he discusses the importance of this new technology and shares with you insights from Randstad Technologies’ 20 years of retail deployment experience

CHIP AND PIN DEADLINE: the clock is ticking!

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October 15, 2014


As Director of Solutions for Randstad Technologies' Infrastructure Services practice, Jim is responsible for identifying and developing cost effective solutions for clients’ business needs in the disciplines of IT Infrastructure services.  He has been a crucial part to the success of numerous clients with his experience, attention to detail and dedication to their objectives.
Jim has fulfilled a variety of technical and client-facing roles in his 22-year tenure, including Customer Service, Mobile Products Support, Help Desk Management, Field and Deployment Services Management, Systems Engineering, Operations Management, Solutions Development and technical leadership roles.  Jim’s ability to draw upon a wide range of experiences across numerous client industry verticals allows him to be particularly effective in his role as client advocate and technical solution architect. 
James Wedeking
Director of Solutions
Randstad Technologies
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